Produits de prévoyance

Des solutions de prévoyance pour un avenir serein

EFG is committed to being at your side when it comes to making the most important financial decisions in life. The right choice of pension solutions is one example. Our expert financial advice and a first-class range of pension products could make a huge difference to your future.

Offering for Swiss domiciled clients

For your extra-mandatory part of the second pillar pension scheme (1e solution), EFG provides a wide range of investment strategies to meet your needs and with the possibility to adjust the strategy during the lifetime of your investment.

EFG’s second pillar vested benefits solutions enable pension coverage in accordance with the Swiss Law to preserve your pension capital.

EFG’s 3rd Pillar retirement account (3a) offers attractive returns and a high degree of flexibility – giving you peace of mind as you build your retirement capital year after year. > Discover more