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New eBanking

We will very soon be launching an all new eBanking solution for our clients. Our objective has been to bring you a quick and intuitive way to access your accounts with us.

Legal Disclaimer

Please note:

This presentation does not contain all the functions of the new EFG eBanking and does not show current data.

The presentation may also show functionalities and applications that may not be available to some clients domiciled in certain countries or may have a limited availability.


New eBanking

New EFG eBanking

Let’s look at the highlights for this new eBanking.

The EFG eBanking Dashboard

The all new homepage for the eBanking application hosts the applications you need and use most commonly. You will be able to further modify the application layout to suit your individual needs and preferences.

eBanking Dashboard

Investment Structure

Viewing Your Investment Structure

At the click of one button, you will access your online portfolio valuation. All your portfolios will be available and can be viewed individually or aggregated.

Easy and intuitive drill-down functionality to transaction level is available, and data can be extracted to Excel or a PDF file with one simple click.



Access all your correspondence electronically online. All statements, advices and valuations are instantly available for online viewing or downloading/printing at your convenience.



Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging

Correspond with your Relationship Manager in a fully secure environment.



Online Payments

Instruct online payments, account to account or international wire transfers.